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"To automate & streamline contracting through business intelligence & digital job management solutions. Saving time & money and driving profitability"

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Digital Job Managment

business intelligence

Make better business decisions with our comprehensive Business Intelligence module. Adapt to the forever changing environment before your competitors.

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Paper timesheet are a thing of the past. Capture true cost & variations with a click of a button, on your tablet or mobile phone and stay competitive.

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Job Management

Breeze through your everyday work with multitasking & managing multiple projects simultaneously. Designed to streamline complex projects.

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Health & Safety

A hassle free way to increase compliance and adopt a proactive approach at workplace Health & Safety.

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Business reporting

Create, track and manage projects from start to finish with live update.

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The best way to track, manage and inspect tools & equipment of all sizes across sites. Assetntrac gives you the complete clarity to your assets. #digital JOb

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Entivik Software

Modular Solutions created for Contractors

In Brief, Entivik(Saas) provides a modular streamlined easy to access system that can improve the efficiency of the SME, improve their competitiveness and reduce costs. Overall, the adoption of Saas can lead to significant savings, reducing the bargaining power of larger firms as SME construction firms no longer have to reduce their margins. PWC (2016) found that a one per cent increase in productivity in the SME construction industry translates to an increase in GDP of NZD 139 million. Adopting Saas to the SME construction sector not only leads to an improvement in competitivity for the firms but also increases GDP nationally.#

#Workflow Software #Job Management #Invoicing, #Time Sheets #Employee Scheduling, Business Reporting #Job Tracking #Project Management #Business Intelligence

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Why is Business Intelligence (BI) important to your company?

One of the most important reasons why you need to invest in an effective BI system is because such a system can improve efficiency within your organisation and, as a result, increase productivity. You can use business intelligence to share information across different departments in your organization. This will enable you to save time on reporting processes and analytics.

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More ways to simplify & stremline your daily operations.

We saw the challenges and proplems faced daily, so we build this to automate & streamline your operations. To help companies like you to build, innovate and grow.


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